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Capital of the XII Region, Punta Arenas is 3,090 kilometers from the capital of Chile. It has an estimated population of 164,169 inhabitants. Despite the remoteness, it is a true mini city, with all the necessary infrastructure to accommodate those who visit it. In fact, the general philosophy of the city is that "loneliness and remoteness are bearable if you live splendidly and in permanent contact with the rest of the world."
Founded in 1848, it slowly developed from the colony. It was the place chosen by the government of the time to form a stable population, since the closest place, Fort Bulnes, did not have a supply of water and firewood, nor climatic conditions to survive all year. Punta Arenas, known at that time as "Sandy Point" or Punta Arenosa, was also the place chosen to send soldiers and common criminals who were going to stop at the Fort.
The city is located at the foot of the Andes Mountains, where a steppe plain begins, which makes the city a unique viewpoint towards the Strait of Magellan and the Ocean. In Punta Arenas the sun appears by the sea and sets behind the hills, which does not happen anywhere else in Chile.

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