Buy your ticket

How do I buy online?
Enter the service search engine. Choose origin, destination and date of your trip. Select your armchair. Enter your document number and complete all your data. Select your payment method. Click the "Pay" button and verify your purchase details. If everything is correct, click on the “Accept” button.
On the next page you must enter the data of your payment method.
After successfully processing your payment, you can print your ticket by clicking the "Print" button. They can be printed on any ream sheet (eg A4 or Letter).
What mandatory information should I have in order to purchase a ticket?
-Number of document PASSPORT, which must be in force.
-Full name and surname
-Date of birth

Did I lose my ticket, how to reprint it?
You should go to the corresponding offices, for the reprint of the same.
Can I change or return my ticket?
Yes, you can change the date as long as we have available places.
You can return a ticket, if you buy a ticket online you have to request the return through the platform. You will be deducted what corresponds, according to the policies informed at the time of purchase.

From what age should a child pay a ticket?
From 0 to 4 years old pay half of the total value of the ticket.
From 5 years onwards they pay full fare.

Do retirees have a discount?
No, they do not have a discount.
Can I leave a passage open, how long?
Yes, the open ticket is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.
Can you travel with pets?
No, it is not possible.
How many kg can I ship as luggage without charge?
The baggage allowance is 20 kilos per person.

What am I not allowed to dispatch?
The transport of flammable, toxic, combustible, gas or similar products and animals is prohibited. The company is not responsible for any luggage (deterioration or loss) that the passenger carries inside the bus (Art 52-Pto 1 Law 12 345)
Can I ship musical instruments?
Always and when it does not exceed the amount of kilos transported (20 kilos max), otherwise you must pay excess baggage.

Can I dispatch bicycles?
Yes, but due to its dimensions you must pay the excess baggage. It must be disassembled and packed.
Baggage lost policy
In case of damage or lost luggage dispatched, the company will only respond for the value expressed in the corresponding ticket. Except, prior express declaration by the contribution of the passenger. In these cases, the company is entitled to charge an additional fee.

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